Nexus basically is a two round event, firstly we conducted a workshop on how to create a website and host it from scratch, the First round will be a website making competition where you can create your own website

and express your imaginations. Top 10 will go to the second and final round.

The Final will be a presentation round where you will have to present your website in front of the judges .


IETE Students Forum presents before you the most exciting and enthralling event "NeXus 2.0"- design and Trounce, an event to unleash your creativity in the field of frontend design and development and get a platform to showcase your potential. Here you will learn through workshops and get the opportunity to flaunt your creativity and technical skills and leave your mark on the digital landscape.


Round 1: -

  1. The website should be created from scratch. No pre-built templates are allowed.

  2. The website must completely be front-end designed.

  3. The team has to submit the following items through the google form provided by IETE Students’ Forum:

  4. No changes are allowed in the GitHub repository after the submission. Entries having commits after the submission will be disqualified.

  5. A thorough explanation of the functionality and content of the websites should be given In the readme section of the GitHub repository. If you're facing any trouble adding the workflow to the GitHub readme then you can also build a pdf document that contains all the details you need and submit it with the zip file. Submissions without descriptions will not be accepted.

  6. The theme should be as per the wish of the team.

Those who have problem in operating GitHub can contact us.

Round 2: -

  1. The top teams will have to present their websites in front of the judging panel.
  2. The presentation will be conducted on Google Meet.


  1. Participants can apply individually or in a team comprising of two members.
  2. Team members of different colleges/universities can participate in this event as there are no restrictions.
  3. The team has to develop a website using front-end tools like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript only.
  4. Teams can use any framework/library for creating the site like React, angular, etc
  5. Use of any content management sites like WordPress, Wix, Joomla, etc. is forbidden.
  6. You can host your website on any online platform as per your wish like Netlify, Heroku, GitHub, etc.
  7. The decision of the organizers and judges will be treated as final and binding on all.
  8. No responses will be held by IETE Students’ Forum, BIT Sindri for any late, lost, or misdirected entries.
  9. The ideas presented by the team should be original (not protected utilizing patent/copyright/technical publication by anyone).
  10. All the latest updates and information will be available on the website.


You can make any website of your choice according to your interest Your website can be based on the
following sample ideas: -

  1. Create a website that offers resources, success stories, and advice for aspiring business owners. Include interviews with notable startup founders and give users a place to pitch their own business ideas
  2. Create a website where photographers can sell their work, add pictures of different genres etc.
  3. Design a website that breaks the gap between job seekers and provides, connecting job providers with potential candidates. Offer the participants a platform to showcase their work experience and skills in a particular field.
  4. Create a website that serves as an online marketplace for unique and handmade products, connecting vendors with potential customers and giving participants a platform to promote their products.
  5. Design a website that focuses on accessible and inclusive education. Include resources for online learning, information on inclusive teaching practices, and tools for students with disabilities.
  6. Create a website that informs users about mental health concerns, provides resources for support and self-care, and increases awareness of mental health problems.
  7. Create a website that showcases the most recent technological advancements, scientific advancements, space exploration news, and expert interviews.
  8. Create a website that helps people to upskill their skills, provide resources and course for the same. \


  1. Your code should be original and accurate. Any plagiarism will result in disqualification.
  2. Code should be readable and proper indentation should be maintained across the project. Every line of code written should serve a specific purpose.
  3. Relevant comments should be mentioned wherever necessary across the project.
  4. Cross-browser compatibility.
  5. A description of the website's functionality and content.
  6. Your website's UI/UX design should be original and purposeful. Your website should have a unifying theme or colour. It should maintain a consistent overall layout and colour scheme.
  7. Your website should use a responsive framework and be mobile-responsive.
  8. Description of the content and working of the website.
  9. Copyright: - Fair use guidelines should be followed with clear, easy locate, and accurate citations for all borrowed material. No material should be there from websites that state that permission is required unless permission has been obtained.


  1. Participation certificates will be provided to all the participants.

*Terms and Conditions applied.